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Our Local “Hand’s-On” Service is available within many of the Southern California areas ….
If you live in our local service area and are still timid about the “do-it yourself” approach We can complete your carpet restoration for you. Carpetspots.com would be happy to give you an estimate on any local Hand’s-On” services that you may need. Just give us a call today! Your complete satisfaction is our goal….

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Your Needs

​Dyeing a carpet is difficult to do yourself, so you should always contact a professional and we come to you and will do the job from start to finish for the dyeing process. In order to effectively absorb the dye, your carpet should be in fairly good shape (not threadbare) and all the carpet needs to be completely cleaned first which we provide .If your carpet is in good shape or the darker stains won’t come out, it may be time to consider carpet dyeing, so again if your carpet is still in fairly good shape and or may be also faded from sunlight, oxidation and left discolored, dyeing it a shade or two darker than the original color may be an effective process for you.


​Preparing your carpet for the dye is an essential step that needs to be taken to ensure that the color will be even. As discussed vacuuming all the debris out of the carpet, then shampoo it with a quality carpet shampoo and a hot water rinse is the first step. We first protect baseboards with a pre spray so dyes will only penetrate carpet fibers and not any other areas.

Choosing a Color

​Carpet color dyes are provided for you to choose but most people will want a color that is darker than the carpet’s original color to cover darker permanent stains, darker areas and re dye to a darker tone to cover any existing areas.

Our Quotation to you

​We will provide an estimate on cleaning and dyeing that is less than half the cost of replacement.

We are only a simple phone call away and stand-by ready to assist you with the answer to any questions that you may have on removing carpet stain areas.

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Do You Have Ugly Bleach and Pet Stain In Your Carpet ?

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Let us help you with your carpet stains such as coffee, urine, mustard, wood, rust and red stains and others that are permanent carpet stains and spots on Wool and or Nylon Carpets