Spot Free Carpet

I will keep this number forever. I thought I was going to have to live with the bleach stains forever. I googled how to fix and the tangle of home remedies scared me. Dave was quick to respond and fit me into his schedule. This stain was toilet bowl cleanser and stain immediately to my less than 5 year old carpet. He was completely confident he could bring the color back to match. Amen he did. I was so happy it was literally gone. I highly recommend his services. You can have your carpet back spot fee.

Color Matched Carpet Stain Removal

Dave was very professional concerned to match the spots to the best of his ability. I was very pleased with his service and my carpets are 99% better.

Dog Stains Gone

I found Dave through my local carpet store here in town for a carpet dyeing expert, I really thought that my hand dyed navy blue rug was a total loss, but it was a very expensive area rug, so I had to make an effort to have it repaired. A dog sitter had used harsh chemicals to try and clean a dog stain and the result was it bleached a large area of it in the middle of our master bedroom. Our carpet local guy recommended Dave from Color Spot Carpet he came out added the correct color and you can’t even notice the spot, it is completely eliminated back to the original color He was very Professional, friendly, and honest about what he could fix and couldn’t, and my husband and I are very pleased with the results looks like it never happened.

Bad Bleach Stains

We are very pleased with the results of our carpet. Dave was able to dye the carpet so the bleach stains are barely noticeable now even to us who know exactly where the stains were!
Furthermore, Dave got the repair done in a very short time!

We can highly recommend Color Spot Carpet for any carpet needs!

Francy B.

Saved New Carpet

We had just bought a beautiful new carpet for the bedroom and my cat Lily threw up all over it. I cleaned it up with some kind of pet stain remover product, that made the stains worse because they took out the color and turned a bright yellow.

I had it professionally cleaned but the bright yellow stains were still there. When I went back to Fred’s Carpet store where I’d purchased it the store owner told me about Dave at Color Spot Carpet and said he’d heard of people having had very good results. Dave came today and worked for a few hours with his carpet dyes and although it’s not 100 % perfect, the stains aren’t noticeable anymore. I’m thrilled and it cost $395 compared to over $3,000 if I were to have bought a new carpet.

Dave was very professional and we will use him again, if we have other stain issues. I highly recommend Color Spot Carpet.

Denise J.

Solvent Stains Gone

I was referred to Carpet Spot by my carpet Co. My painters had dripped solvent resulting in about 5 or 6 large bleached out spots. Dave arrived on time with a briefcase of “magic”. He mixed some custom colors and worked on each spot carefully and in layers. Completely disappeared. He was professional, pleasant and a pleasure to work with. He also offered to return if any spots reappeared or needed a touch up I’d be happy to recommend him without reserve.

remove solvent stains

Denise - West Los Angeles, CA

Bleach Stains Removed

All stains eliminated. Dave was very professional and saved my carpet that was only a year old.

Bleach Stain Removal Carpet

Tiffany - San Bernadino, CA

Maid Service Bleach Stains

All bleach stains corrected. Cindy the maid service owner was very pleased not having to replace carpet.

Bleach Stains

Mary - Marina Del Rey, CA

Pink Stain Removed

Rachel S.

Saved me quite a deal of expense

Thank you. The carpet stains disappeared on the small spots immediately. The larger spots I treated twice and they also disappeared. Thank you, I will recommend your product. This is a rental unit and it saved me quite a deal of expense.

Thank you,

Sandy Wagner

Your dyeing kit worked great

Dear Dave,
Although we only had 3 little bleach stains on our carpet, they were right in the middle of our main hallway where everyone could see them. We’re selling our house soon and didn’t want to replace the entire carpet. Now we won’t have to. Your dyeing kit worked great, I can’t even find where the spots were! And, it only took about 10 minutes to do.


Jennifer and Jeff

Excellent easy to use product

All I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you. The kit worked like a dream! We literally cannot see where the stains were any more, it’s like having new carpet again. I thank you not only for supplying such an excellent easy to use product but for saving me the time, trouble (which is huge!) and expense of having to replace the carpet again. You are awesome. For a while it appeared like a lot of things were going wrong, cleaning person wrecked my new carpet etc….. but your repair kit was an enormous good thing to happen to us. Thank you again!!!!!

Spartan J.

My carpet looks new again

I found Dave’s Web site on Google I needed help our carpet is only three months old and I dripped bleach from a bottle that had a crack along the hallway and spots up the stairway. I sent Dave a sample of our carpet and he sent me the product to re dye the spots. He was quick to send out and gave his expert advise and the support needed. He called me to inquire on how it worked and I am very pleased they are gone and my carpet looks new again.

Thank You,

Susan B. - Alexandria, Virginia

The kit was easy to use


It worked out great and saved me from an eye sore and possibly replacing the carpet. Your service and follow through was excellent and the kit was easy to use.

Thanks a Lot,

Scot Hui, Yorba Linda, CA

You saved me a lot of $$$

Thank your very much for your help in solving our carpet problem. When we moved into this house less than a year ago, we re-carpeted the entire house. Without realizing the need to be careful with Tilex bathroom mildew and stain remover, I dripped across a carpeted area between the shower and the counter. In fact I did this in two bathrooms resulting in several small white spots on our new tan colored carpet. You sent me the color needed to color match the carpet spots, You did indicate that the first application may have a red hue to it. I followed your second recommended step, and the bleach stains returned to the exact original color. I found your site after talking to Home Depot, the company where I bought the carpet. The person in the flooring department knew of your service, and recommended that I do a Google search to find you. You saved me a lot of $$$$$$$ not having to replace the carpet. thanks again

Bill D., Mill Creek, WA

Do not hesitate to buy this

I just wanted to say “THANK YOU” for your wonderful product. I had a light beige carpet with about 25 bleach stains that had dripped from a bleach type cleaning product’s spray bottle. Most of the stains were small but some had gotten a little larger when I tried to clean them up. The product he sent worked PERFECTLY on the small spots and on the slightly larger spots that I had. I just followed the directions and did a little at a time. Dave really emphasizes to use a small amount of color to begin with that a little goes a long way. Pay attention to that and you can’t go wrong. Do not hesitate to buy this, it is a can’t miss product and it really works !! I was in the process of moving out so I had to fix this or be faced with replacing the whole carpet. Dave contacts you immediately and keeps in contact with you until he knows you are satisfied. His service to his customers is first rate as well as his product.


Cindy C. - New Jersey

I could not tell where the original spots were

Hi Dave:
I received the do-it-yourself kit in the mail and I tried it. It worked GREAT! I followed the mixing instructions and tried it on one of the smallest spots first until I get the right color mixture. I was skeptical at first because of the unique color of my carpet (i.e. traffic areas are lighter than non-traffic areas) I could not tell where the spots original spots were.

Thanks Dave,

Harrell S.

Great color match!

We had a bleach stain in a very expensive boat carpet, that could not be easily replaced. Your stain kit was easy to use and gave a great color match! Thanks for all the help and personal attention!

D.S.-North Carolina

I used your kit and the results were perfect.

Dear Dave:
I used your kit and the results were perfect. It is impossible to tell where the original spots were. I have attached before and after photographs. I did use a your kit on a piece of left over carpet prior to using it on the actual original spots. I was able to produce similar spots using a swimming pool oxidizer. The actual carpet came out even better than the test piece. I would certainly recommend your kit based upon the perfect results that I obtained. I got to your web site using Google and “carpet spots”.

Thank you for your help.

Michael Y.

Your service is excellent

Hello Dave,
I have good news, the spots on my white carpet were dyed to a close-to-white condition. I got the spot to a very light yellow underneath and a creamy white on top which was close enough because I haven’t heard anything about the spots being a problem. I would give my whitening job a B+, because I did not want to use too much of the bluish dye and so I probably used just a tad too little. I got the spots to a light yellow in 2 sessions and hit them with the whitener 3 times after toning with just a little of the blue dye. It definitely helped get the bright yellow toned to a whiter faint yellow. The whitener brought it closer to white especially the top fibers, but it was still a faint, faint yellow when you part the carpet through the stain. If you really scrutinized the carpet, you could see some slight yellow off color spots, but the dyes worked and mostly blended the spots in fairly well with the rest of the white carpet.

I think that the spots were dyed very close to the color of the original carpet when I finished. This is very lucky for me because it would cost me many times the price of the kit to replace the carpet, so I thank you and would definitely recommend your dye kits to others with stain problems that are repairable. The location of the spots was extremely lucky also because really don’t get that much light so they don’t jump out at you when you look at the carpet.

Overall, I am happy with the product that you gave me, and feel that it worked. I really appreciate the support you provided with your telephone contact, carpet stain expertise, concern, and your video. I think you’ve got a great service for people with carpet stains. It just took me about (and I am not kidding you), about 8-10 hours over about 6 sessions of gentle dying, drying, testing, checking, etc. to get this carpet looking close to white so I am still recovering from that.

I have learned a lot about carpeting and I couldn’t have repaired these stains without your help. You care about your business, you know what you are doing, your product works, your service is excellent, and I really appreciate your help.

Thanks again,


Absolute success!

David, I just wanted to get back to you in regards to your carpet color repair kit.  It was an absolute success!!  By carefully following your instructions (both the written and your phone call to me) the whole procedure was remarkably easy.  And as to the results, I challenge anyone to find where I made the repairs.  The small price I paid to you for this kit has no doubt saved me from spending literally thousands of dollars for replacement carpet.  Please use me as a reference for your repair kits…..IT WORKS!!

Thanks again!

Larry M., Michigan

You are the best!

I got the full refund from the apartment management. They did not even notice were the spots used to be. You are the best! And I am going to tell all my friends about you.

Thanks again,

Dawson C.

Thanks so much for saving my carpet!

Hi Dave,
I used the carpet dye kit today and it worked great! You cannot even tell where the spot used to be. Thanks so much for saving my carpet! Hope you have a Happy New Year.


Patricia S.

It works very, very well

Hello Dave,
I think I’m getting the hang of this dyeing process, and I like my results so far. Mildly bleaching the darker spots where I used too much blue helped my “start over” and it looks fairly decent. I’m now in a nit-picky kind of stage where some areas are a slightly a bit too reddish/orange. I’m compensating by adding the tiniest bit of blue to my current brown solution, and dyeing a little at a time. I think it will work. Thanks again for all of your guidance and support with your product. Once you get it, it works very, very well.


Anthony Antonio

This is the best service for a product that I have purchased online


I had numerous coin sized bleach spots on my light almond colored carpet and one large hand-sized spot from a cleaner that I tried to use on a stain for over a year. I had searched in stores and was unable to find a solution to my problem. After looking at several sites on the web and doing a follow-up Better Business Bureau check on different vendors, I decided to try your website. I was still a bit cautious and decided before sending in the request, that I should call and speak with someone to see if the service would be helpful in the event I had difficulties using the kit.

When I called the number, I was surprised that I spoke directly with Dave who is listed on the site. He was very helpful and instructed me to send a few fibers of the rug for his reference and that once he received them, it would be a few days before he would send the kit – so that I would receive it within the week. I was happy to hear about the quick turn around and custom dye service provided for the kit. I had thought that it would be a standard color kit and I would have to mix and match colors to get the exact color.

When I received the kit, I immediately tried the color on about 10 spots. After an hour, I looked at the spots and they seemed a bit too brown and slightly orange. I thought I had only made the carpet look worse. I immediately called Dave and he asked for several details about the color and what happened to the carpet fibers – whether they took the color, etc. Then said he would send out another color in the mail in a few days. I recieved the new color in the mail a few days later and applied the color to all of the spots with fabulous results! Just as I finished the application, Dave called me to follow up and give me instructions on how to use the new color to correct the original color and I shared with him my excitement. I have enough dye left from the kit to correct more future spots. I am very happy with the rug correction and especially with the service. Dave did not require more payment for the color correction and he was extremely helpful and called to follow up each time to make sure that my questions and concerns with the use were answered. His customer service is exceptional.

For an internet business, this is the best service for a product that I have purchased online.

Thanks Dave!


The carpet looks great

I actually I did get a chance to apply the dye in your kit, and it worked good. I did get parts to be a little to dark, but its hardly noticeable. it almost looks like the carpets’ just slanting opposite the surrounding carpet, resulting in slightly darker patches of carpet. But, all in all, the carpet looks great.

Thank for everything!


It is going to do the trick

Thanks for the callback, Dave. I think it is going to do the trick. Working the dye in with your fingers was great advise. I think my chances of a full deposit are nearly 100%. And your suggestion to use a a pair of clean pair of the disposable latex gloves did keep the dye color off my fingers.

Thanks again,

Roy N., Bloomington, CA

Overwhelmingly pleased

Dear Dave:
I am overwhelmingly pleased with the results I obtained from using your product. My previously unsightly bleach spots, numbering well over 50, are now completely invisible! Your personal service, attention to detail and simple instructions made this carpet fix a snap! I will definitely recommend your service to all my friends and family.


Mat Turner

We couldn’t believe it

Hi Dave,
I just had to tell you how elated I am that my carpet looks like new again . My daughter had tried to get out red ink marks (A pen exploded) with a solution of detergent and Clorox and bleached the carpet in two different rooms. The living room and dining room. I thought for sure we were going to have to buy new wall to wall and this carpeting is only two years old. my daughter called a local man who advertised that he colored carpets but he didn’t think it would work and was going to charge me $200.00 to do something he wasn’t sure of. I decided to get on the web and look to see what I could find and thank god I found your company. Not only did you call me when you got my order to be sure what the color of the spots were but you reassured me that it would indeed work. We cleaned the carpet with a steam machine, because it needed it, and to get the rest of the detergent and Clorox out. When my daughter put the dye on and we saw how fast it worked we were amazed. We couldn’t believe it worked so fast and looked so good. I have been telling everyone about you company and the service you provide. We have enough color left to last the life of the carpet. I did take pictures, that have to be developed. I hope they come out so everyone can see how bad it was and how good it looks. No one can tell that there was ever a problem with the carpet. My daughter-in-law didn’t think it would ever work and she saw it tonight and couldn’t even remember where the spots were.

Thank you again.

Kathie M.

It is unbelievable how great this works


Thanks so much! It is unbelievable how great this works…you saved my carpeting!!

John B., Miller Place, NY

It worked

Dave: It worked — it was kind of a tricky stain, but the dyes did the job. Thanks again for your help.

Best regards,

Cary, Aliso Viejo, CA

The dye worked wonderfully!

Dave, the dye worked wonderfully! We received the kit on Friday last week and made three applications to reach the current dye level. I have not seen it yet, but the mechanic that applied the dye and the patrons that use the building, all say it looks terrific. And we can easily get by until our carpet replacement in the spring. Thank you for your skill and expertise.
Kind regards,

Dwight M. C., Bismarck, North Dakota, Facilities Manager

It is amazing

Hi Dave,
I’m Bob’s wife, Annette, and I am the one who actually used your kit. It is amazing. The color was perfect for most of the spots. And all the spots in blended very well. The one thing I wasn’t clear on to begin with was that the mixed solution (water) needs to be kept very hot. Once I reheated it, and applied it while the solution was hot, it covered the stains easily. As an old English teacher, I would suggest that you make your instructions clearer, because your product is great. We gave your card to our realtor. You might try sending emails or postcards to as many real estate companies as possible since many people try to make repairs before selling their houses.

Best of Luck!

Annette, Oakland, CA

Cannot see where the problems were

Hi Dave,

The carpet looks amazing. Dave came out to my home and repaired my carpet pet stains I cannot see any of the problems!!! I seriously cannot see where the problems were. We will definitely keep your card and recommend you to our friends and family if they have any carpet issues.


Sahara, Sherman Oaks, CA

Find the bleach stain

Hi David,

It’s called “find the bleach stain” – you are a genius. Everything was so easy and my textile chemist daughter was quite impressed. Of course you may be a textile chemist also. Any way I am thrilled and thank you so much.

Barb C., New Castle, DE

Great product and instructions

​Thank so much for your great product and instructions. It did take some time going over the spots but after I was done with about 10 different spots in 3 rooms and hallway, my wife came in and can’t even find where the bleached spots were. If I had not did it and seen it with my own eyes, I would not have believed it could brought to where it is unnoticeable.

Thank you so much!

Charlie E., Irvine, CA

Very satisfied customer

Thanks so much for your follow up. I was going to contact you to let you know how it went. I was slow to actually get a start on this application, however last week I re-watched your YouTube video and gathered up my supplies and got to work. Dave I was very pleased with the results and I want to thank you so much for your service. The stains are about 85 to 90% less noticeable I would say. I’m going to try to give it one more touch up to see if I can make the spots completely invisible (and use maybe just a touch more color), but even if my results are the same I am a very satisfied customer. Your personal contact and support have made you stand out in my mind as a business man who really cares about his customers and believes in the success of his product.

Thank you again!

Beth C., Tampa, Florida

Results were excellent!

Myself, Jassi, I am living in Melbourne Australia. I recently bought new house, only 10 years old. The previous owner had put brand new carpet wall-to-wall in a beautiful light brown color. My Mom mistakenly used bleach spray to clean the carpet. So I had many yellow patches all over my carpet. I contacted a lot of carpet repair companies but they were very expensive. I found Dave on internet and contacted him in America. He took my carpet sample and sent me over the carpet dye color from America. It was very easy to use and results were excellent!! I am very thankful to Dave for a job done perfectly. I would recommend him to anybody that has any issues with their carpet color, just to contact Dave through his website.

Thanks, Dave

Jassi, Melbourne, Australia

Thanks again for your superb help

I tried, stupidly, to clean red wine stains out of my apartment carpet with a diluted bleach solution. Dumb! Then my apartment manager recommended using tea bags to mute the stains. Not a good idea either!! Via a quick online search, I found bleachspots.com and Dave. This sounded like a sensible alternative to replacing the carpet at this point in time, since I will move out of the apartment in about a year and didn’t want to hassle with moving the furniture around to accommodate the workers. Dave has been prompt and extremely helpful (not to mention reassuring and non-judgmental) in working with me to minimize the visual impact of the damage I’ve caused. The results aren’t yet perfect, but in the right light at least the spots are vastly less obtrusive than they were before this process. I can live with this for the year I have left here! I will be using Dave’s services again when I move into the house next year, where there are some much easier bleach spots to touch up. I anticipate a perfect outcome on those carpets!

Thank you, Dave, for working with me throughout this process.

Thanks again for your superb help. I’ll be in touch when I’m ready to move back into my house in about a year so I can fix the very minimal bleach damage in the eggshell or beige-colored carpets there!

Best wishes (and if you do have another recommendation, fire away…!)


I would endorse your product and service 100%

Sorry, I thought that I had already emailed you. It took a little “personalizing and did not turn out 100%, but I am impressed with how well it did work. It no longer looks like a stained carpet, just one with slight color variations in spots. Kind of looks like the nap is rubbed the wrong way. I would endorse your product and service 100%.

Thanks Dave

Lee McWhorter

Very pleased with results

Thank you very much for your help and kit you prepared for me to use. I am very pleased with results. At beginning I was not sure if there was any product out there in the market place that could help me to repair my fairly new and “expensive” carpet. I came a cross your website and after watching your YouTube Video Instructions, I decided that is something I would like to give a try.

I’m really glad I did, appearance is 100% better and stains are 90 to 95% less noticeable. Well worth the cost of the Kit. The key was to take the time to follow the instructions completely. I will try it again to get it to 100% stain removal, but I need to be patient and do it when I have little more time.

Again, thank you and appreciate very much your follow up call and making sure I’m happy with your product.

Hadi H., Washington DC

Fabulous customer service

After getting the kit in the mail I went to dye the bleach stains in the carpet of my condo that’s up for sell, and I have to say. . . I was pleasantly surprised. It looks soo good! Thank you so much for all of your help. I really appreciated your patience and the fabulous customer service treatment that I received. It’s a pet peeve of mine to pay for something on-line and then receive poor service or have someone be mean to you over the phone. I got just the opposite here and I am very thankful. Not only did the product really work, but the customer service I received was excellent. It saved me from having to buy new carpet! Attached are the pictures of the before and after bleach stains in the hallway of my condo.

Thanks again, Dave!

Lori U. - Riverside, CA

Dave was very professional

Here’s the pictures, it worked out real well and it eliminated my yellowish stains on my sea foam green carpet. Dave was very professional in making sure that the stains would be removed and did not enjoy at all the thought of having to replace my Living room carpet and I will recommend his product to any and all thanks again.

Thank You Dave!!


I had great luck with the carpet dye

I had great luck with the carpet dye that you sent. After we had spoke recently I had told you that the stains still looked a little pink even after use of the brown colored dye multiple times. I used the green that you sent me after to try to clear that up. It really worked. I now have carpet that almost looks like it did before the stain. I no longer dread going into the room and looking at the awful spots on my brand new carpet. I have the old pics and the new pics attached.


Erica V. - Franksville. WI

An excellent result

Hi Dave,
I am a handyman and accidentally bleached a small area of carpet while killing mold. I fount Carpetspots.com.com by googling “Carpet Dye Repair”. Dave is very helpful, even though it took me a while to get photos and a carpet sample to him. While he cautioned me that my case was probably difficult to get perfect results, I said – let’s try it. I received his package, and carefully, taking time and treating over a few days time so I could let the carpet dry completely, I wound up with an excellent result – my bleach spots are virtually undetectable.

Thank you Dave,

Mark C Taylor - Marin County, CA

You can’t even see the spot

Here are the pictures from after fixing the carpet. It is hard to take the “after” pictures because you can’t even see the spot. I tried to frame the picture the same as the before pictures so you could really see how it looks.

Thanks again – we are so happy!

Lisa Verge H.

The stains are gone

Hi Dave,
​I finally got a chance to try the repair kit this morning (I made my husband watch the triplets) and I’m happy to report that as of now, the dye was a perfect match and the stains are gone. I don’t know if they will show up once it dries, but right now, things look great. I’ll email them for you to see.

Thanks again! I’ll be in touch if I have any more questions and I will definitely refer others to you if they have the same problems.

Jen G. - Perkasie PA

Dave was really helpful

Hi Dave,
​The carpet dye kit worked really great. We can’t even tell there was a stain there. Dave was really quick to send the kit out. We called to clarify the instructions and Dave was really helpful. We still have dye left over in case we ever need it again. They matched the colors from a few strands of the carpet and it was perfect.

Once again, thank you and I will recommend this kit to anyone who might need it.

Damini - Dublin, CA

Thanks for a great product!

​I finally used the dye kit last night. The color came out beautifully. I was a little hesitant to do the green, but it really did tone out the pink. I’ll send pictures along soon.

Thanks for a great product!

Best Regards


Highly Recommended

​We’re continuing to work with the dyes you sent us and the improvement is unbelievable. We can hardly see the worst stain (which was large – more than 2 hand print sizes – and yellow). It’s almost back to it’s original color – we can barely see the stain ourselves so we know that no one else would notice. I’m sure when we’re done, we won’t even be able to find the original spot. . . Anyway, thanks again so much – I’m so glad we went the route we did with Carpetspots.com.

I will highly recommended to everyone who has a similar problem. Thanks for saving us a ton of money in these scary economic times!

Here are some photos. We’re really happy with the results so far – we’re still working on them and know they’ll improve. The photos don’t really do them justice – they truly look much better in person. Anyway, thanks again – we’re very grateful!

All the best,

Rosie and Jerry H. - Mendon, MA

You saved us a lot of money!

​I am so sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you. I wanted to let you know how very pleased we are with our results. I was extremely skeptical that your product would work on our bleach stains, however, I thought it was worth a shot. We had many (10 plus) bleach spots outside one of our bathrooms. We followed your easy step by step instructions and within minutes, our carpet was spot-free!!!

I could not believe how easy and fast this was. I was thrilled to think I didn’t have to live with those unsightly spots any longer. I lived with those spots years, thinking that I would have to replace the carpet. Here are before and after pictures from outside my bathroom. The pictures only captures a few of the spots, but there were around 10 spots in total and they are all gone!

Thank you so much for your wonderful customer service and for our great results! You saved us a lot of money!!!

Best regards

Amy - Gaithersburg, MD

Cannot recommend Carpetspots.com enough!

​You could not have been more helpful, professional or courteous. What a GREAT businessman! The KIT arrived super quick with EXPLICIT step by step instructions that made fixing this horrible bleach stain a breeze. As you can see from the photos I submitted, the ugly yellow bleach stain was over 3 inches in diameter! The second photo shows that Carpetspots.com’s dye formulation caused the stain to completely disappear! It’s as if my carpet is BRAND NEW again!

I cannot recommend Carpetspots.com enough. Both their product and customer service are exemplary. I know that, inevitably, I’ll do something like this again. And when I do, Dave is the first– and only– person I am going to call.

Jackie T., Encino, CA

Worth the Money!

​We were about to list our house for sale, BUT were worried about how a trail of about 7 bleach stains from our hallway to the master bedroom would affect potential buyers. I researched several options on the internet, and yours sounded like the best possibility for a real fix. Well, take a look at the before and after photos (pictures attached)! Soooo worth the money! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

Jack B., Oklahoma City

Remarkable Results

Oh my gosh !!! What a difference in just one application whenever I walk over my newly restored carpet stains, I am so pleased and relieved. My carpet looks brand new. There are no traces of the previous imposing, five orange bleach stains!! Your product is incredible. I am amazed at the remarkable results. Thank you for a wonderful product and help and for your prompt customer service and very specific instructions. You are a fine example of private business and American made success. Thank you so much!

Carol, Salmon Idaho

Fixed Bleach Stains

Hi Dave,
​My husband and I had been googling many ways to fix/dye the bleach stains on my carpet for a long time. I did not want to be charged for carpet damage from my apartment complex so I first asked people who work in Home Depot if there is any way to fix my carpet. They said there is NO WAY to fix the bleach stains. My husband also googled and used crayons to color the stains. Crayons did color the stains but looks dirty (did not match the original color). Fortunately, we accidentally found Dave’s website, read the testimonials, and would like to give it a try! Dave’s customized dye works PERFECTLY match to the original carpet color! As you see, there were hundreds of thousands of bleach stains on our carpet (outside of bath room and in dining area). However, they were all gone after applying the carpet dye from Dave!

The day we moved out, a leasing manager and a maintenance guy did a walk through with us. The maintenance guy knew there were bleach stains on carpet in dining area so he checked the carpet carefully. I could tell from his eyes, he was shocked and could not believe the carpet was CLEAN and just like…NOTHING HAPPENED. After we finished the walk through, he said he needed to use the bathroom and went back check again. Thus, of course, the apartment complex did not charge us any penny for carpet!

Thank you so much, Dave!


DIY Worked Great

Wow, It worked great. I wouldn’t have believed that I would be able to fix my carpet all my myself. Your products and assistance made it possible.

Mark Johnson

Spots on Brown Carpet

Our brown carpet was a brand new installation when our painter dripped thinner around the room. Your Repair Kit solved the problem and worked for us wonderfully, it is really amazing.

Bradley Grosh

Apartment Carpet Spots

My apartment carpet spots were awful. I am so happy with the results from your kit. You saved me a lot of money. I got back my whole cleaning deposit.

Jessica Priston