What colors are missing on my orange stains in my carpet to make a brown carpet?

Creating a Brown Color from Orange Stains

Orange Spots on Brown Carpet Color CorrectionCreating a brown color from orange stains in your carpet would depend on the specific shades of orange and the color theory principles. Brown is often created by mixing complementary colors or by combining all three primary colors (red, blue, and yellow). However, since orange is already a mix of red and yellow, you might not be able to achieve a perfect brown from just orange stains.

To get a general idea of what colors could be missing to create brown, we can look at the color wheel. The complementary color of orange is blue. So, if you have primarily orange stains, adding a touch of blue could help neutralize the orange and move it towards brown.

Keep in mind that the actual outcome might vary depending on the specific shades and colors present in your carpet, as well as the lighting conditions in the room. If the stains are widespread and you’re looking to restore the carpet to its original color, it’s best to consider professional carpet cleaning services. They have the expertise and tools to effectively clean and restore carpets without causing damage.