Carpet repair and carpet stain removal is our specialty

Hi, I’m Dave….

I know the pain you are feeling when you find that your new carpet has been accidentally spotted by a spill. I see it over and over again. While I am still working as a professional carpet dyer in the Southern California area, I wanted to find a way to reach out and help as many people as I can, to save their money and their existing carpets. Much of the carpet dying work I see out there are small spots and stained areas.  And, most of the time the carpet is in good or great condition….

So…I asked myself, what would be the best and simplest way to help these good folks?  And how could I reach out to to largest group of you?

We Can Help You with Your Carpet Stain Removal!

Text 2 or 3 photos to 310-989-2700 or email to [email protected]

“The Prefect Solution”….A simple color matched “Carpet Stain Removal Kit” that is sold over the web.

In developing our cost effective “CARPET REPAIR KITS”, I put my many years of experience and knowledge of working with stained and spotted carpets into one very simple solution. Our “Repair Kits” are a perfect way to solve your problem at a cost worth trying. These easy to use “Do-it-Yourself” kits come with everything that you will need for a perfect job. What could be more simple….

“Professional Services” or “Replacing” your carpet can cost you $100’s to $1,000’s of your hard earned dollars. Now you can easily do-it-yourself…And in a very cost effective way.

Check on what our existing customers have to say about using our carpet stain removal repair kits. Many of these are people just like you, whether you own a home, rent, buying or selling..Saving your carpet and eliminating or removing the focus of your problem areas is as easy as sending me an email or giving me a phone call…….We are looking forward to working with you on saving your carpet today!

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