We Can Help You with Your Carpet Stain Removal!

Text 2 or 3 photos to 310-989-2700 or email to [email protected]

How many spots will your repair kits cover?

Each kit contains enough color or colors needed to cover over all you issues on your carpet.

How do you match the color that I need?

Email or text your carpet stain issues to 310-989-2700 or if you wish send me a small piece of the carpet, we can develop a color matching solution for you. We only need a sample piece of 1″ square inch of your extra carpet. If not do as above, and be specific as possible on the color of the spots.

Most are orange yellow, white, red etc. Actual digital color photos of your stain areas, emailed or text in to us, works best. Keep in mind working with the 3 primary colors blue,yellow and red may be difficult to work with for some people may not need this type of kit depending on your carpet issues.

Have other carpet colors in my house does the cost of the kit include other colors needed?

Yes, at an extra cost, whatever problems you have, just let me know the needed info of the each of the other problems that exist and more color solutions will be provided.

Can I use this kit for larger stains?

Yes they can be successful but it depends on how large they are and the color variance between the carpet and the stains.

Why do I need to rinse the spots first?

Chemicals always exist in the carpet, no matter how long ago the problems began. The first step in our process is to stop or neutralize any on-going chemical action. By using a carpet cleaning machine or a wet vac with the bleach neutralizer which we provide to you if needed. This will neutralize any existing chemical actions and allow the carpet to better accept the new color needed to solve or greatly improve your situation by color matching the spots. If you have recently had your carpet professionally cleaned you’re ready to use the kit.

How durable are the dyes?

They are color fast meaning as long as the carpet spots are aggressively and completely rinsed first the dyes will adhere to the carpet fibers.

Can my carpet be cleaned professionally?

Yes but sometimes depending on how dirty the overall carpet is some of the dyes can be removed and may need to be touched up again. Also a strong cleaning with excessive amount of cleaning chemicals can again create this need. A normal light carpet cleaning will have no affect.

How soon can I walk on it?

Its Color fast, so once the carpet is fully dry you can walk on it immediately.

I’m not real knowledgeable about dealing with colors?

That’s fine, our custom dyes are for each specific situation. Check out our testimonial page for prior success stories, and their e-mail address’s are provided to prove it.

Will this kit work on any carpet?

Only nylons and wool, over 90% of the carpets are made up in this form.

What do you need to fix my carpet bleach or pet stain problem?

Just email photos or text your carpet stain issues to my cell phone 310-989-2700 we will respond asap.

Are the Dyes Toxic? I have small children’s and pets?

NO! All of our materials are tested and proven completely safe.

Will the kit work on pet stains?

Yes be sure to rise the urine out thoroughly and that the yellow or orange spots
appear lighter then your carpet color.

How soon do I receive the kit?

Kits are sent out as soon as needed and overnight shipping is available for an extra charge.