Carpet Dye Kits

How to properly re-color discoloration bleached areas by using a carpet dye kit. If you want to try solving how to get bleach out of carpet or pet stains remover by yourself, in order to make a carpet bleach stain repair you need to find a carpet dyeing color repair kit that contains dyes specifically created for carpets using only carpet mill dyes.

You cannot use any regular dyes for clothing crayons or food dyes that are purchased in any retail stores, you can only use carpet dyes that are used in manufacturing carpet. The carpet dyeing methods used in carpet mills are what we sell you. Now depending on the size of the stains you have will provide the best outcome keep in mind the large stains and numerous stain issues will take more time to remove carpet stains and the outcome can be difficult.

If you have small stains drips and drops of Clorox bleach or other cleaning products that can also remove carpet colors purchased at stores and there are many. You will also need to make sure you get the bleach neutralizer to remove the active bleach which will bleach the color out again if the bleach stain is not neutralized properly and we will provide this also. Carpet cleaning in general will thoroughly remove all stain carpet stain issues exception of what is included in this post that removes color and your carpet is left with permanent discolored carpet stains.
What Not to Do:
Never Scrub a carpet stain by using up and down movements in the carpet stains areas as it will distort and damage the carpet fibers and too much can even remove the carpet fibers and cause a hold in the carpet areas. Second bleach is not a color. Bleach is a color stripper and removes the carpet’s natural color and turns the stains yellow or white. Now if this has occurred you cannot remove bleach and bring the carpet colors back but bleach can be Neutralized and redyed using primary and secondary colors.

DIY carpet dye kit