Carpet repairs will keep your home appealing!

Color Spot Carpet, based in Temecula, California, provide you the convenient, high-quality service of restoring your carpet from damage and stains. We always aim for cost efficient because we want our customers to pay an honest price. That is why we will always provide an honest estimate that is less than half the cost of the replacement!

We do a variety of carpet repair services:

  • Repair open seams in places like doorways and walkways
  • Re-stretch loose carpet rippling up, waves and/or buckles. These usually appear from installation not being done properly and normal usage.
  • Pad replacements; These repair issues from pet damage, water damage, and mildew
  • Custom molding installations. These are repairs or new moldings where your carpet connects with hard surface floors; typically in places such as bathrooms and kitchens.
  • Tack stripping installations
  • Patch damaged areas on the carpet. Damaged areas can be caused by burns, tears, and stains.
  • We match your carpet by using remnants of your carpet or pieces from inconspicuous areas such as closets.

Prior to carpet repairs

We advise a complete carpet inspections for residential and commercial structures. Why get a carpet inspection? Carpet inspections are very helpful in providing answers to related questions on the manufacturer of your carpet, the specifications, installation, and maintenance. Inspection inquiries are useful for product manufacturers, carpet retailers, and of course, the consumers. Our carpet inspectors are always honest and unbiased because they don’t manufacture or sell carpet. Thus, their inspections are solely based on knowledge and experience. All of our carpet inspectors have an extensive background in carpets and carpet installations.

Color Spot Carpet services don’t end at just carpets. We also provide service in tile and grout cleaning. Since most homes have multiple flooring surfaces, we are experts in carpet and tile so that you receive all of your services at once. Tile is not that different from carpet. The tile and grout after much use can show embedded dirt and stains. Our professional tile and grout cleaning services solve these problems.

We welcome all questions at 1-310-989-2700!