How to Recognize and Overcome Chemical Spots and Carpet Stains

Carpet Staining from Outdoor Chemicals

Plant foods and fertilizers used in and around your flowers beds and gardens can be tracked back into your home. When you are using these chemicals in your home be careful not to spill on your carpet because discoloration can occur with the drips and leakage from these chemical containers. Chemical drips or spills can and will cause color changes on your new or used carpet.
Spots of these kinds will usually seep into the backing of the carpet and over time can and will progress upward to the carpet surface in any type of carpet and will cause permanent carpet spots or carpet stains. These carpet stains usually turns your carpet to a yellowish color stain. Insecticides can also cause discoloration of your carpet.
When spraying this on base boards for ants or other creatures, if not used properly, will also cause carpet fading or carpet discoloration, and create permanent stains. Be careful to take your time when using spraying chemical on baseboards and NOT on your carpet.

Carpet Staining from Indoor Polishes and Chemicals

Furniture polishes are a catalytic agent that destroys red carpet dyes and turning them into another shade of green and or bluish discoloration. These type of stains occur mostly around your furniture and are not even visible until furniture is moved around, then you have a carpet stain repair that may not be easily repaired. These types of spots or carpet bleach spots, may not be color corrected.
Phenols’ are a type of disinfectant used in homes and hotel bathrooms. Phenol cleaners, which come in liquid form, cause many carpet discoloration and carpet fading issues and require carpet bleach spot repairs.This is a very common problem when cleaning bathroom tile, counters, or showers. Take your time with this if any chemicals are dropped onto your carpet then u may search online how to fix my bleached carpet and contact a carpet dyeing expert or possible purchase a do it yourself carpet dye kit that you can do for small drips and drops of Clorox bleach on my yellow carpet stain.